Top 9 Video On Demand Platform Providers In 2024

According to the VOD market size, By 2026, It is projected to be USD 175 Billion; North America alone will account for USD 19.7 Billion in 2027

It may come as a surprise to some that 70% of US households currently have a subscription to a Video On Demand (VOD) service, compared to just 40% of UK residents. This is a significant factor that can have into account for any predictive analysis surrounding VOD services.

The interactive video provides a way for businesses to generate more revenue and leads than with traditional, static content. Viewers can engage with the video in ways they never could before, such as by participating in quizzes and sharing on social media. This interactivity helps capture attention and also offers real value that can be beneficial to the business.

Video-on-Demand (VOD) usage has seen a staggering 155% increase compared to the same period last year. Interestingly, the average viewing session duration is as long as 17.1 minutes – significantly higher than statistics from years ago!

 Live streaming video consumption has also seen an impressive boost with 93% growth and 26.4 minutes of average viewing time per session!

What is a Video On Demand platform?

Video on demand (VOD) is an online streaming service which allows users to watch movies and television programs whenever they want, without needing to tune into a broadcast schedule. This type of media platform is becoming increasingly popular now with services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. 

With these platforms, users can gain access to thousands of films and shows for a monthly subscription fee or by renting or buying individual episodes or films. Unlike YouTube, which relies solely on an advertising-based video on demand (AVOD) model, VOD systems provide artists with multiple monetization options:

How does a VOD Platform work?

Monetizing VOD content typically occurs through ad-supported AVOD, subscription SVOD, transaction TVOD models or FAST (Flexible Access Subscription for Transactional). FAST can help reduce SVOD price fatigue experienced by many consumers.

Who can make use of a VOD platform?

Video-on-demand platforms offer lots of benefits for businesses of all sizes. It suited YouTube to smaller businesses, while organizations with large video libraries may want to use a professional video hosting system with tools such as content management, monetization, video player, security and API access.

The 9 Best Video On Demand Platform Providers for 2023

Today’s pandemic life has changed a whole group of things, counting how we receive our post-lifestyle serotonin fix. Webnexs is the best VOD platform provider in 2022 and fulfills your personal video-watching requirements with the use of VOD viewers can able to access a range of the latest videos that have to assemble and collected into series, permitting you to develop your lifestyle with them.  


  • The video-on-demand webcasting abilities are actually useful.
  • You realize its interface is much easier and available with full of functional options.
  • You will be capable to get inspiring online client help for all features and assist systems to remain active for all 24×7 hours.

It is a popular white label video on demand platform, and it is a on demand video streaming platform that supports users to watch everything they like openly from their comfort through mobile phones. It provides entry to the most powerful platforms for the best-ever live streaming.


  • They declared it as an active video-on-demand platform that provides wonderful services.
  • The essential account is accessible for free and they can download directly it via Facebook.
  • Users will be capable of getting pleasure from ad-free experiences via this platform.

Dacast is commonly called the first live stream platform, also known as the video-on-demand category of a live video-sharing platform that works under an absolute SaaS application. Experts from the business field commonly used it and its customer help system is very useful with 24/7 hour connectivity. They usually use this device at a large-scale level. It is commonly used for social gatherings and conferences.


  • It provides standard video streaming facilities.
  • You won’t find irritating ads here thus everything seems user-friendly. 

Muvi Live allows users to transmit their personal content based in real-time through the channel. This platform is considered with inspiring analytics and it provides unbelievable services like chat options, and super tools as well as an attractive platform for communication. 


  • You don’t want to make additional efforts for post-production.
  • The audience watching YouTube Live likes to share their views as it provides a chat live feature. 
  • Here you will be able to find video on demand and can also watch them live.

The best list of video on demand platform is the Uscreen. Since this platform provides a lot of advantages. The Uscreen platform is available for video makers and business persons who need to do business via video streaming, presenting admission to high-class staff for a paid subscription, single-time payments, leasing, and more options are available. 

Uscreen is made with development and scalability in mind, authorizing you to produce and start your own business-branded site and OTT video streaming apps on your mobile devices, Televisions. And its advantages don’t stop here, since Uscreen comes with strong integral marketing and maintenance tools, permitting creators, productions, and brands to produce their streaming business and maintain their users.


Whether you are beginning on your new video business path or are searching to the extent of your video presentation and boost functionality, Uscreen has the best resources you need.

The Brightcove platform is called your personal video-on-demand app that is entirely designed inside Twitter. Brightcove is loved by many users because of its instinctive interface and compilation of all imposing materials for watching.


  • Once you sit on live then you will begin getting notifications from various followers, messages, comments, and new joints.
  • You can fix the setting of video replay for all your videos broadcasted thus all viewers can get pleasure from them later.
  • You can allow replays incessantly throughout the day means all 24 hours and you can even delete them if you want.
  • Users can able to broadcast live videos to the desired audience via Twitter.
  • It is completely available free of charge.

Cleeng is well-liked by the most audience since it is a live social media TV platform that can support viewers to broadcast their favorite videos straight using a webcam or their mobile phone. People call it a superb platform to search for new friends.


  • It normally works as an amusing application for video on demand and is specially designed for communication.
  • You can simply chat with friends as well as promote any content.
  • It is offered free of cost.

This platform permits viewers to live broadcast events as well as program shows online. There are multiple useful social media buttons are available that can be used for speedy interfacing plus the superior functionalities helps video-sharing job much easier. You can easily watch and search for any informative video content online by means of this tool without login.


  • It is prevalently used by business entrepreneurs, marketers, and show broadcasters.
  • It can host more than two million live videos per month and the catalog also covers a number of big names like Business and so on.
  • Users can insert graphics, visitors, and various presentations without any difficulty using the interface.

If you like to set your mind according to your lifestyle then please remember FanForce TV is a great platform that offers newly produced pieces of content from social contact filmmakers all over the world. All the video-on-demand content is offered on the site using a video library and prepared by categories like,

  • Native
  • Women Empowerment
  • Talents
  • Environment and a lot more. 


  • Everything can be viewed using OTT devices similar to Amazon Fire 
  • Fan force TV provides a complete television visual experience.


when looking for the best video-on-demand solution provider for your business needs, be sure to research the popular providers and compare their features, you can now make the right decision on which Video on demand platform best fits your business needs. With the knowledge from this guide, you are well-positioned to make the most out of a tailored streaming solution for your business!


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